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Brief Introduction of Hawaii City Plaza

Project Name: Hawaii City Plaza

Project Address: Hawaii Honolulu Alamoana

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Project introduction:

The project has 184 condominiums and some business units. It is a commercial and residential project. The total height of the building is about 250 feet.


  • Three retail commercial stores and some parking lots on the first floor.
  • Parking lots on the 2nd to 5th floor.
  • Public facilities on the 6th floor, including swimming pool, owners' activity center, GYM, small theater, Children's activity area and 4 residential units.
  • Affordable housing on the 6th floor(1 unit) to 10th floor.
  • Condominiums sold at market price on the 6th floor(3 units) and on the 11th floor to 27th floor (No 13th floor).
  • The parking space and public support area of the project is approximately 180,000 square feet.
  • 184 condominiums cover an area of approximately 140,000 square feet.
  • The commercial area is about 7,000 square feet.
  • This is a real estate development project with the standards of hotel property management.

Projects completed before 2019: Planning approval, construction drawing design, foundation engineering construction permit approval, house pre-sale permit.

The project has started in March 2019.

Due to cooperation with the soil report project of the Hawaii Health Bureau, and the impact of CV-19.

The project has been stopped for 3 years. The soil report has been processed and completed.

Currently readjusting construction drawings and reapplying for construction permits.

Plan to resume construction time: May 2025, It will be completed in December 2027.

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